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Do you wish to improve your skin texture, tone, and appearance? Here is an opportunity to cut down on your salon bills and frequent visits to the dermatologist in a smart way. How? Be your skin’s very own specialist and indulge in a soothing hydra facial at home.

Smooth, dewy, supple, radiant, healthy, and glowing skin is the dream of every beauty enthusiast. And hydra facial at home will take you a step closer to flaunting that flawless skin of yours. To attain the skin of their dreams, women vouch for enormous skin-benefiting products. Right from oils, toners, creams, and serums, to moisturizers you can find everything lying in their kitty. In addition to this, women spend a fortune on skin care treatments and salon spas backed by frequent visits to dermatology offices. Today, you can cut down on your skincare bills just by sitting at home. Here is what you need to know about at-home hydra facial. Laser Depilation Machine

Our top picks of the best hydra facial essentials at home

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To attain naturally radiant skin, facial has become an important part of the skincare regime. The instant glow post facials are widely appreciated and their rising popularity has made them a big hit in the contemporary era. Facials offered at salons are just a spa being conducted on the surface level of your skin. This temporary conditioning doesn’t last long and this is when hydra facial comes into the picture. 

Hyra facial teethers between a spa facial and an in-depth skin-benefiting facial. A spa facial is usually a surface-level temporary skin conditioning treatment for relaxation. Whereas a hydra facial is more effective as it comes with a targeted approach that uses active ingredients. A hydra facial is a patented skin treatment available in medical spas and dermatology offices. It is also sometimes regarded as “hydradermabrasion” because it involves microdermabrasion-like exfoliation paired with hydrating serums.

Before indulging in any skincare treatments or kickstarting an intensive regime, you must make yourself aware of its outcome. Remember to pay more heed to the benefits so that you can trace the purpose of the treatment for your skin type. Here are a few benefits of hydra facial for the skin. 

A hydra facial is said to help improve overall skin texture, tone, and appearance.

Its deep exfoliation cleanses your pores, removes debris, and allows better penetration of face serums tailored to your skin type.

It will make your skin feel healthy, soft, smooth, and glowing. 

It keeps a check on the size of your pores. 

Hydra facial screams out a “wow factor” that you can never ignore. Its skin-enhancing abilities last for a prolonged period and the effects of the anti-oxidants are extremely satisfying. Trust us! After diving into the steps of hydra facial in an advisable manner, nothing can stop you from looking the best. 

A hydra facial in India will cost you roughly 10,000 rupees at the best salon. But we are here to tell you that you can give yourself a hydra facial at home anytime you want at a much lower price. 

We, at Pinkvilla, curate the most trending stuff keeping in mind the emerging trends that revolve around men and women of all ages. The products below are curated only after thorough research based on Amazon trends, best sellers, reviews, ratings, and primarily honest feedback from previous buyers. To make your shopping experience fuss-free and worth the penny is our aim. Happy shopping! 

The real driving force behind the hydra facial’s power is intense physical exfoliation. The skin is exfoliated with the rough tip of the vacuum head as it moves across the skin. This done repetitively, combined with the light chemical exfoliation in their cleansing liquids, creates the results.

And we can recreate salon-like hydra facial effects pretty easily by ourselves at home. Scroll down to understand the steps better and know what you require at your hands. With each step, we have curated two products so that you can make a better decision for your skin. 

Cleansing your skin by removing makeup is the very first important step that you need to begin with. When you remove makeup, your skin can breathe fresh air. And a micellar cleanser is the best way to kick off an effective skincare experience. 

Just like if you were at the spa when you are about to do a deep treatment you don’t want to skimp and leave behind anything that will get smeared around later. Micellar water will dissolve all the makeup and gunk in the pores and make it much easier to wash away later. Enjoy the process and give yourself a nice massage with the products listed below.

Garnier Micellar Oil-Infused Cleansing Water

This micellar oil-infused cleansing water will help in getting off stubborn makeup within seconds. Just apply a little of this cleansing water onto a cotton pad and dab it over your face. This water is enriched with Argan oil. It not only helps remove makeup but also nourishes your skin deeply.

Plum E-Luminance Simply Supple Cleansing Balm

If you are not comfortable with the cleansing water, then vouch for Plum E-Luminance Simply Supple Cleansing Balm. It is enriched with Vitamin E and 100 percent vegan. This balm has a thick texture that melts down easily on your skin. It takes off stubborn makeup and makes your skin clean and clear. 

Wash your face with a foaming cleanser so that all the acids can have the best chance of working their way into the skin. You can go straight in on top of the cleansing oil with a face wash. Wash for a little longer than normal, and get right up into the hairline and back to the ears and neck so you don’t miss anywhere. And you’ll replace the moisture you lose shortly, so don’t worry and get lathering!

SebaMed Clear Face Cleansing Foam

This SebaMed Clear Face Cleansing Foam will help you cleanse your skin and make it hydra-facial ready! It is infused with montaline C40 and panthenol it instantly removes bacteria from your skin's surface.

This Cetaphil Gentle Foaming Cleanser is a foaming face wash formulated with the goodness of Vitamin E. It is sulphate-free and suits all skin types. It is gentle but effective enough to remove dirt, make-up, and excess oil without drying the skin.

Hydra facial is all about exfoliating with light and repetitive strokes. A large goal of hydra facial treatments is to slowly slough off dead skin and reveal a new layer all over. Think of this as the polishing step. The new skin will be nice and smooth and receptive to all our chemical exfoliants and hydrating ingredients. Focus on small areas at a time with a gentle face scrub. When you are done, rinse everything well and lightly pat dry with your hands.

Forest Essentials Revitalising Kashmiri Walnut Gel Scrub

This gel scrub contains finely milled walnut powder, which gently exfoliates the skin. It gently removes dead and damaged skin cells. It has a deep cleansing action and brightens the complexion seamlessly.

This Neutrogena Deep Clean Scrub penetrates deep into pores to remove dead skin cells, help eliminate blackheads, and clean dirt and excessive oil. This face scrub is suitable for all skin types. 

Hydra facial is the inclusion of chemical exfoliants in the exfoliating step. They are there to loosen pore debris and old skin cells so they can be washed and scrubbed away. This helps everything else work better. Use an AHA BHA peeling solution and let it sit for 5 minutes before washing it away.

Dot & Key 10% AHA + 2% BHA Hydro Peel Glow Potion

This Dot & Key 10% AHA + 2% BHA Hydro Peel Glow Potion is an exfoliating serum formulated with glycolic, and lactic acids for glowing skin. This serum will renew your skin like magic. 

Pilgrim 25% AHA + 2% BHA + 5% PHA Peeling Solution

This Pilgrim 25% AHA + 2% BHA + 5% PHA Peeling Solution is a must-have for any kind of at-home facial. It is one of the best chemical exfoliators for your face. The presence of Glycolic acid exfoliates the top layer of dead skin cells to reveal fresh, radiant skin underneath.

To take away all the junk that the chemical exfoliants freed up, you need to redo the physical exfoliating step. The skin beneath will be maximally refreshed and ready to be hydrated in the next step. Gently revisit the whole face with face scrub and encourage any more old cells to come loose. When you are feeling ready, rinse very well and pat dry with a towel.

mCaffeine Exfoliating Coffee Face Scrub

This mCaffeine Exfoliating Coffee Face Scrub contains perfectly sized coffee particles combined with walnut. It helps you to get rid of dead skin and tan leaving you with fresh and smooth skin.

Plum Green Tea Gentle Revival Face Scrub 

This Plum Green Tea Gentle Revival Face Scrub removes all the dirt, grime, and impurities from the pores with the help of glycolic acid and cellulose beads. 

Now, it is time to get in there and carefully check your skin for any congestion that is ready to be removed. If you have large blackheads or whiteheads waiting to come out, use a tissue and very gently press on either side of it with the pads of your fingers. Then use a vacuum head extractor all across your face and on the oilier areas for the true hydra facial experience. 

Qualitech Extractor Vacuum Suction Tool

This suction tool is a blackhead, whitehead, and pimple remover tool. It is also regarded as a pore cleanser or cleaning machine. It comes with 4 changeable beauty heads, which can provide different functions for your facial skin.

Fadflurry® 4 in 1 Multi-Function Blackhead Whitehead Extractor Remover Device

This extractor gently removes impurities and blackheads from pores without squeezing.  It includes a small, large, oval, and silicone head, which is perfect to exfoliate dead skin for spa-like skin rejuvenation.

Seal the moisture on your skin by using water-based lotion and a peptide-filled serum to recreate the claimed benefits of the original hydra facial of anti-ageing and regeneration. Here is what you need for 100 percent hydration. 

Minimalist Multi Peptide Night Face Serum

This Peptide face serum is a hydrating lightweight serum that is proven to boost skin moisturization. It also stimulates cell growth and promotes the biosynthesis of collagen.

Finally, seal the deal with a sheet mask to let your skin marinate in all the juicy goodness. Lay down, relax, and enjoy.

La kme Blush & Glow Sheet Mask

This Lakme Blush & Glow Sheet Mask instantly hydrates skin, moisturizes it deeply, and refreshes and rejuvenates the skin deeply. It is extremely soothing on the skin and perfectly locks in the moisture post-hydra facial. 

Once you’ve peeled away the mask to reveal the most hydrated skin you’ve ever had, it’s time to keep it that way. We want to keep it water-based here to stay true to the original treatment.

The Skin Story Moisturizing Cream

This moisturizing cream helps retain the skin’s natural moisture and helps you with long-lasting hydration. A small amount of moisturizing cream helps to entrap moisture into the skin and give you a healthy and supple glow all day long.

Pond's Super Light Gel Oil Free Moisturizer

This Pond's Super Light Gel Oil Free Moisturizer is super light in weight and non-oily gel formula. It leaves your skin soft, supple, dewy, and utterly hydrated. The moisturizer spreads evenly despite being oil-free. 

These at-home hydra facial steps will give you the smoothest and most glowing skin in no time. Get ready and pamper your skin with an intensive hydra facial at home. Clean, exfoliate and hydrate are the three main processes of a hydra facial treatment. These steps will not only lend you youthful skin but also a healthy and hydrated one. What are you waiting for? Get the skin of your dreams today itself.

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